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Emil Scholz USB Audio DACs Overview


Emil Scholz ESD digital to analog converter series includes three basic devices: ESD-6300, ESD-1862 and ESD-1704.
All the devices are functionally same and have universal main board and software. Two additional module boards can be installed on the main board to modify the device type. The first module allows adding ADAT interface support option and can be installed either during assembling of the device or during its upgrade by the customer or with our help.

The second module is a daughter board with DA converters and necessary components. When a definite type of DA daughter board is installed software automatically defines its type and makes all necessary modifications in the device performance.

Now we have three versions of the daughter boards available, and three models of the converters accordingly - on the basis of Burr Brown PCM63P-K (20-bit), Analog Devices AD1862N-J (20-bit) and Burr Brown PCM1704U-K (24-bit). As the DAC modules are replaceable, you can upgrade your 20-bit version into an advanced 24-bit model on the basis of PCM1704 any time at your discretion.

Emil Scholz ESD digital to analog converter series is equipped with two S/PDIF inputs - optical and coaxial, an 8-channel ADAT input (if an ADAT board module is installed, a combined Toslink input is used), a USB port and an AUX input for connecting an auxiliary analogue sound source. An auxiliary mini HDMI input allows connecting the DAC to an external digital source through a 4 wire LVDS line with an option of manual or automatic input format select, error signal support and presence of emphasis if necessary.

250mW headphone output provides powerful sound on 30 Ohms headphones. Linear low-impedance RCA output provides clean and clear sound with a maximum level of +6dBV. The display shows information about the digital program source, presence of emphasis, errors, sample rate and current mode settings, input and output signal level with indication in decibels and bargraphs.

The DA converter has easy and intelligible control. The encoder rotation selects required digital or analogue inputs. When the encoder button is pushed the program enters the settings mode, which includes a channel mode - stereo, mono, left, right, channel phase settings, digital filter roll-off mode and others.

Additional info http://www.emil-scholz.com
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